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Boostand is a tool that allows you enterprises, entities and profesionals Boost and expand comunications in a precise way, concise and effective. In Boostand you can customize you own channel where you can upload videos with attached files, create test and playlist, in addition to share content, all without ads.


What offer

Subir videos

Upload files and videos

Subir videos

Create test and playlist

Subir videos

Share videos

Subir videos

Enhance the comunications

Subir videos

Privacy and secutiry

Subir videos

No publicity neither data selling

Subir videos

Upload videos and files easily

Effective comunication

Videos with attachment files complete the information to allow videos be clear and effective in professionals comunications. Besides, direct all comunications to the especific recipient thanks to the posibility to assing especific control criteries, like control access and privacity in each video.

Subir videos

Create test and playlist

Organize and control

Boostand allow you create playlist with upload videos, likewise, assing to this, specific privacy rules. Besides, allow you perform quiz and test at the end of the visualizacion in each video to improve the comunication effectivity.

Subir videos

Privacy and access control

Focused comunication

Customize accesibility and visualizations options according to comunication goals and strategies.

Subir videos

No publicity neither data selling

Targeting and protection

Boostand is a space for profesionals and enterprises, and are they who lead the comunication. Users receive it without advertising or unwanted links that impair the attention and purpose of the communication.
Data from the channel and users are not collected, profiled, or commercially used, guaranteeing confidentiality and non-distribution of information to other entities.

Boostand's plans


5 videos

20 Documents

750 visualizations

500€ / Registration

45€ / month


10 videos

50 Documents

2500 visualizations

750€ / Registration

75€ / month


25 videos

125 Documents

7500 visualizations

1000€ / Registration

150€ / month


50 videos

250 Documents

20000 visualizations

1500€ / Registration

250€ / month


125 videos

650 Documents

50000 visualizations

2500€ / Registration

500€ / month



Consultar/ Registration

Consultar/ month

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